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Both WELLEVATE and FULLSCRIPT allow me to curate which products are offered.  You'll find nothing here that doesn't live up to my strict Quality Standards.  Please contact me for customized product recommendations on your account.


EWG offers databases for product safety.  Their SKIN DEEP site rates bodycare products, they also have a CLEANING PRODUCTS directory. 

RESPRO makes the most comfortable mask I've ever tried.  Do wash the outer mask in safe detergent prior to use.  


Wool bedding free of synthetic flame retardant chemicals.  


toxin-free flooring, paints, adhesives, sealants, caulk, and more.  


Saunas built with the needs of sensitive users in mind - free of glue or varnish.

Kimary Elliot recently introduced me to BEAUTY COUNTER.  Their products are unusually clean, and transparent! 

Do read ingredient lists in case you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.  Kimary is available to consult on your makeup and skincare needs. 


AISLING ORGANICS makes some MCS suitable makeup, and some with hidden flavor ingredients.  Their face/eye makeup seems clean, but you'll want to avoid their lip products.  

HONEYBEE GARDENS also makes my list, they even have safe nail polish. 


Please fill out a HEALTH HISTORY FORM before your first session.  

Local patients may meet with me at my home office.  Remote patients may prefer consultations via telephone, facebook video chat, or google hangouts video chat.  I do ask that video chats happen only on fixed devices, not a handheld camera phone.  (oy, motion sickness!)

You may schedule your consult by leaving me a voice message, text message, or email.

(574) 202-9283

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In 2011, I had the privilege of studying Dr. Grace Ziem's neural sensitization protocol in her Maryland office.  I had stumbled across Dr. Ziem's website, where she generously shared her entire protocol for any interested person to read.  I studied

every form, lab test, and recommendation there, then asked for even more - I asked to sit at Grace's elbow while she implemented this care for real live patients. 


I wanted to understand how Dr. Ziem customized treatment for individuals with different symptoms and different lab results.  She agreed, and initiated me into a level of clinical nutrition I had never before witnessed - even though I was already a nurse at an alternative medicine clinic.  Dr. Ziem wanted to know how each client's cells behaved in the presence or absence of individual nutrients.  She wanted to know the fatty acid content of cell walls, and the demographics of each patient's fecal microbiome.  With that information, she was able to craft treatment plans customized to meet each patient's needs.


I met patients who had been disabled for years, and patients who were newly injured.  I met people who were holding their own, and those who were gradually recovering.  Throughout, Grace demonstrated a dry, down to earth flavor of compassion -

Yes this is really happening to you, Yes it will get better - now, Let's Get Started!  

At that time, Grace was already flirting with retirement. 

I was tempted to take over her practice, but knew I was too sensitive to survive the chemical exposures of med school. 

I returned to Indiana to begin my own healing. 

Gradually, I became aware of over-the-counter supplements that could stand in for Dr. Ziem's prescription compounded vitamins.  I found lab facilities that offered testing without a doctor's order.  Today I am able to reproduce much of the Ziem Protocol while remaining faithful to my scope of practice - registered nurses can listen, counsel, and educate patients. 

I can point my patients towards OTC therapies, teach about lifestyle adaptations to chronic illness, and coach patients to pursue their best health, all without writing prescriptions or issuing "orders."   

I will never be able to repay my debt of gratitude to Dr. Ziem for developing a plan of care, or for sharing her knowledge.  But I will do my best to serve other patients in need of this care.  Chemical Injury is a devastating disability.  No easy cure exists, but with a comprehensive treatment plan we can enjoy some measure of resilience, and improve our quality of life.  ♥



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