Pressure point massage 1

Blended sessions using CranioSacral Therapy, Positional Release, Lymphatic, or Myofascial Massage Therapies. My goal is to discover and treat your pain patterns - creating ease and wellness in your body. 
Sessions are 1 hour, fee is $90.


A holistic nurse can advise you about quality in vitamins and supplements, uncover deficiencies through specialized lab tests, and design nutrition strategies to meet YOUR health goals. 
First consultations are 1 hour, fee is $80.

Herbal Medicine

Heather offers only top-quality supplements: the best brands, available only through licensed healthcare practitioners.

You may pick up items during your appointment or use her online dispensaries: WELLEVATE and FULLSCRIPT.  

Olive Oil Soap

From hair care to house cleaning, Heather has you covered: nontoxic, fragrance-free solutions for your cleaning and personal-care needs. Pick up products during your appointment, schedule a time to browse, or call to place an order.

respro mask




Chemical Injury, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Environmental Illness - whichever term you use, it's a devastating disability.  But a comprehensive plan of clinical nutrition, avoidance of toxic insults, and other supportive therapies can bring us back towards our innate resilience & health.


Heather offers care to MCS patients both in person and through remote consultations.