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How to get a Nutrition Test

I recommend the Complete Micronutrient Assay, which includes your nutrient deficiencies,

your Redox score and your Antioxidant panel.

Cost: $299 plus draw fees, payable to CellScience Systems.

This lab is not covered by insurance.

You may choose to have your blood drawn either at home, or at Any Lab Test Now.

Please DO NOT take this kit to Goshen Hospital, or to any Goshen Physician office.

a) If you prefer a home visit, please ask me to arrange a phlebotomist to go to your home.

Cost: $60 plus mileage surcharge.

You will be notified of any surcharge, and given a chance to consent, before the home visit is scheduled.

The cost is added to your CellScience bill. (Please include your CC number on your form.)

b) If you prefer to be drawn at a facility, you will need to visit an Any Lab Test Now.

Cost: $40, payable to ALTN.

(This will be a separate fee from your $299 CellScience charge. Include your CC number on your form.)

Local site: 313 W. University Dr, Mishawaka, IN 46545

Phone: (574) 287-5041

(remote patients may be able to find an ALTN near you, and I can drop ship a kit)

If you visit ALTN, and forget to take your kit, they will offer the option to use their kits,

This will either cost approx. twice as much, or omit your Redox and Antioxidant Panels.

The best value is to take in your own kit.

Regardless of your draw location:

You do not need to be fasting, unless you are having other labs drawn at the same time.

Do schedule your appointment on a Monday-Friday, before 2pm. Your sample will need to go out with FedEx the same day you are drawn.

Do freeze your ice pack and include it with the shipment.

ALTN or your Home Phlebotomist will arrange the FedEx shipment.

Results are usually available within 2-3 weeks after your blood is drawn.

When your results are back, I will contact you to schedule an appointment to review them together.

Cost: first session (1.5 hours) $140, follow up session (1 hour) $95.

Appointments may be in-person (fragrance-free and masked) or via video chat.

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