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End of Summer Special on Nutrition Consultations

Is my diet meeting my nutritional needs?

Are the supplements I’m taking good quality?

Could new foods or habits support my ability to nourish myself?

Some of you are aware that in addition to providing Therapeutic Bodywork as a licensed massage therapist, I’m also a registered nurse offering holistic nutrition care.

Typically I recommend that a patient first have a Cellular Nutrition Assay from CellScience, and then we meet together to discuss their results. I love the way this lets me do individualized care! Different patients have different deficiencies, and after testing we can craft a plan of foods and supplements together to meet your individual needs.

Or, a patient with primarily GI symptoms might choose to pursue GI testing, which can reveal digestive enzymes or probiotics that would meet your needs. Again, I’m happy to arrange testing and meet with you to discuss your results.

Sometimes a patient doesn’t want to do as deep a dive, but they do want feedback on the quality of supplements they already take. Most supplement manufacturers use questionable ingredients such as magnesium stearate, xanthan gum, or synthetic vitamins that can do more harm than good. I’ve vetted hundreds of supplements and found excellent options. Chances are I can upgrade what you’re currently taking to a higher quality at a similar price point. I call these appointments Vitamin Audits.

The back story: I’ve injured my wrist and need to take some time off from bodywork appointments.

The good news is that I’m more available than ever to answer your nutrition questions! So, between now and the end of September, I’m running a special on nutrition consultations: 20% off my usual fee.

For new patients, that’s a 1.5 hour session for $112 – a savings of $28

For returning patients, that’s a one hour session for $76 – a savings of $19

Consultations can be in-person (masked and fragrance-free) or virtual.

Call today to reserve your appointment at the End of Summer Rate!


I look forward to serving your goals and your needs. ♥

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